iPhone Business Travel Apps

Business travel trips can last anywhere from a few hours, days to many months. To ease your business trip, it is essential that you book a hotel in advance for an extended stay, use internet phone calls services, and also rent a car. By thinking smart and ahead and making adjustments in your meetings time will turn a long boring business trip into long and exciting.

This means you will have ample time to visit the surrounding area you are staying in, taking excursions and checking out any tourist attractions in that location helping you to relax. This is made possible after the innovation of the business travel app embedded on a mobile phone both in Apple iPhone and Android OS phone. This article is going to touch on Apple iPhone apps that will help you stay in touch and on top of things while traveling.


Any frequent traveler knows how a hassle it is to keep track of all botched reservations, delayed flight and annoying last minute gate changes. With FlightTrackPro app, it checks FAA airport delays and closures, airport arrival time, temperature and it can also track your flight globally. You can also check for your gate numbers, flight cancellation, and any available alternative schedule. Besides, any flight enthusiast can view for aircraft type altitude and speed.


This simple little app puts all those notes you’d typically scribble into a guidebook on a map in one place. It comes in handy for leisure travelers, and business travelers can map out all their clients in as many cities as they need – along with nearby places to eat.

JetSet Expenses

This is an expense reporting application that features 15 separate expense categories and more than 100 subcategories, enabling you to submit your business expenses accurately. You can report costs for entertainment, mileage, meals, and anything else you may encounter in your business travels. JetSet Expenses application also features a hotel and rental car database you can locate and lets you store photos of your receipts for future reporting. JetSet works with Google Spreadsheet or Excel.


A brilliant app for those who do lots of international travel, GlobeConvert provides you the ability to switch between all kinds of measurements, volumes, currencies and much more.


This application is handy for international travelers. It will let you translate a phrase into any number of languages. It also gives you the option to “show” it to your listener on the screen, rather than trying to pronounce the phrase yourself.

Final verdict

If you want the best iPhone apps for business travelers, then you’ll have to go out and get in the App Store. With more being added daily, and there are thousands upon thousands of apps in the App Store with a considerable number of them are great apps for business travelers. Next time you’re killing time between conference calls or in between flights, browse through the App Store and check out what’s new.

Tighten Your Shoe Lace; Let’s Go Hiking

There are great many exotic and beautiful locations on earth that are best toured using the most old-fashioned method of transportation – your own two feet. There are sights and sounds and smells that cannot be experienced while flying high above the land in a jetliner or traveling down a freeway at 70 miles per hour.

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Hiking is an excellent way to explore rural areas,  to de-stress, get some exercise, and also possibly get some good photographs. Are you planning your first hike or you want some tips on how to hike better? Then below are some top suggestions and tips on hiking.

Hiking partner

If you are someone that is not that confident or a beginner hiker, then it is highly advised to take a specialist on your tour to guide you on the do’s and don’ts when hiking. There are many professional companies that can arrange these tours. You can choose from a group tour or just getting a specialist on your journey.

Follow marked trails

The first rule when venturing into unknown territory is always follow marked hiking trails. Many cities and destinations have official routes and signs that point you in the right direction. For example, in Vienna, they have lots of trails with signs ensuring you go the correct way.

Take a map

It is mandatory for every hiker to have a map of the city they are planning a hike. You may be able to get a map of trails from the local tourism office; you can also check on blogs and hiking websites where they may have maps and routes that you could follow. Google Maps may even come in handy; it may not necessarily have the officials paths, but can still be an excellent way to find out roughly where you are if you feel lost.

Charge your phone

When hiking, it is vital that your phone is fully charged. It is critical in cases where you need to call for help, lost, or need to check directions on your phone. If you have forgotten to charge your phone, then make sure you carry a portable battery pack. Batteries tend to lose their charge a lot quicker when traveling in sub-zero temperatures, so ensure your phone and any spare batteries are kept warm either inside your jacket or in your inside trouser pocket.


It goes without saying. Water is incredibly important when hiking. Make sure you get a quality bottle.

Use trekking poles

Trekking Poles can be helpful when hiking on slippy surfaces, over rough terrain such as in snow, or when hiking up or downhill. Use the hiking/trekking poles to stabilize yourself and then use your hands for extra force when walking. They are very helpful especially if you have bad knees, back or other problems.


Always check and read official notices, warnings, and information provided by the authority that helps ensure you stay safe. You may also be able to read signs on whether hikes trails are closed or other issues.